The Bachelor of Science in Management Science (BSMS) program focuses on the quantitative approaches and methods in planning, leading, organizing and controlling complex economic and technical systems within the firm. The program builds on communications, mathematical principles, and natural sciences. Core courses consist of subject areas in finance, statistics, economics, computing, and business analytics.
The BSMS program prepares students for careers in process management, economics, finance, consulting, and operations management; or for graduate school in industrial engineering, operations research, business, or economics.

General Education Courses

Written/Oral Communications
Course Title Course # Credit
College English COMM101 4
Public Speaking COMM111 4
Creative Writing COMM121 4
Technical Writing COMM131 4
Sub-Total 16
Quantitative Principles
Course Title Course # Credit
Linear Algebra MATH101 4
Statistics MATH111 4
Calculus MATH121 4
Sub-Total 12
Humanities & Arts
Course Title Course # Credit
Critical Thinking HUMA101 4
U.S. History HUMA111 4
Sub-Total 8
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Course Title Course # Credit
Sociology SOBE101 4
Psychology SOBE111 4
Sub-Total 8
Natural Sciences
Course Title Course # Credit
Biology NASC101 4
Sub-Total 4
Total General Education Courses: 48

Core Courses

Course Title Course # Credit
Financial Accounting CFIN201 4
Managerial Accounting CFIN211 4
Statistical Analysis CMSC201 4
Business Analytics (Probability & Statistics) CMSC211 4
Microeconomics CECO201 4
Macroeconomics CECO211 4
Business Law and Ethics CLAW201 4
Data Structures and Algorithms CINF201 4
Organizational Development CHRD201 4
Controllership CFIN221 4
Operations Research CMSC231 4
Optimization Models CMSC241 4
Information Systems and Applications CINF211 4
Managing Electronic Commerce CINF221 4
Total Core Courses: 56

Lower-Division Courses

Course Title Course # Credit
Econometrics LECO301 4
Behavioral Economics LECO311 4
Supply Chain Management LDMS321 4
Database Management LINF331 4
Industrial Economics LECO341 4
Total Lower-Division Courses: 20

Upper-Division Courses

Course Title Course # Credit
Advanced Econometrics UECO401 4
Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective UMSC411 4
Enterprise Resource Planning UINF421 4
Business Research Methods UMSC431 4
Project UMSC451 4
Total Upper-Division Courses: 20

Elective Courses

Course Title Course # Credit
Financial Engineering EFIN351 4
Auditing EFIN361 4
Microfinance EFIN371 4
Java Programming EINF351 4
Digital Graphic Design EINF361 4
Managing Networks and Telecommunications EINF371 4
Health Economics EECO351 4
Environmental Economics EECO451 4
Labor Economics EECO461 4
Total Elective Courses: 36

Graduation Requirements

To be conferred the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Management Science, a total of at least 180 quarter credits in the BSMS Curriculum must be completed by the student with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.0